sydneyclinicalpsychologist doublebayclinicalpsychologist About Me: Dr Michelle Holdsworth, Double Bay Clinical Psychologist, Sydney Clinical Psychologist

  • B.A. (Hons, Psych), M.A. (Distinction, Clin Psych), Ph.D. (Clin Psych)
  • Psychologists' Board Registered Psychologist (Clinical) and Supervisor
  • Medicare Approved Clinical Psychologist
  • Memberships:  Australian Psychological Society; APS College of Clinical Psychologists; American Psychological Association; Past NSW Committee Member of APS Psychology of Psychoanalysis Interest Group; Founding Member of Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA)
I am an experienced clinical psychologist who received my psychology qualifications in the U.S.  I have worked for the past 25+ years in a wide range of outpatient and inpatient psychological health settings, including private practice, public clinics, hospitals, and universities.  I am qualified to work with children, adolescents and adults. I have experience in a number of different treatment modalities, including individual, couples and family therapy.  Before commencing full-time private practice in Sydney, I worked at the University of New South Wales where I counselled students and ran workshops.  While at UNSW, I also coordinated the psychology internship training program at Counselling and Psychological Services, supervising intern psychologists and intern clinical psychologists.  Given my varied experience, I have worked with people presenting with a vast range of issues and concerns, as well as clients from many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  I have also conducted research during my post-graduate study and have been published in professional journals such as The Journal of Clinical Chld Psychology and Child Abuse and Neglect. I have also been interviewed for the Sydney Sun Herald and Cleo Magazine.

I have been told that I have a warm, empathic and genuine approach with my clients which helps put them at ease as we work to create lasting change.  I believe that the therapeutic relationship between me and my clients is essential to change and growth.  Given that different people have different personal concerns, reactions and needs, I strongly believe that “one size doesn’t fit all” when it comes to psychotherapy.  This ensures that following a thorough assessment, I will tailor my work and interventions to the needs of each individual client, drawing from a wide range of experience and therapeutic models.  I have extensive experience in a range of therapeutic approaches including psychodynamic talk therapy, systemic and family therapy, clinical-child and adolescent therapy, and cognitive-behavioural therapy.  In addition to doctoral training as a clinical and clinical-child psychologist, I have post-doctoral fellowship training though Harvard-Pilgrim Healthcare (USA) in brief and time-effective treatment approaches.  I have also worked with numerous clients in long-term psychotherapy.  As such, I believe that I am flexible in my approach and can work with clients from those who are looking for a short-tern intervention to those looking for mid-term and longer-term psychotherapy to address more deep-seated issues.