• The initial consultation is $300; subsequent consultations (50-55 minutes) are $250.  Please note that the cost of ongoing sessions is lower than the rate recommended by the Australian Psychological Society of $280.
  • Sessions longer than 55 minutes are billed at APS rates.
  • Payment is due in full at the end of each appointment.  I currently accept credit cards (Mastercard/Visa/Amex), Eftpos, cash, cheques, or direct bank transfers.
  • A fee will apply to appointments canceled with less than 48 hours notice. 

Clients do not need a doctor's referral to see me.  However,since November 2006, Medicare has made it possible under the Better Access scheme for eligible clients to receive rebates for individual psychological services provided by Medicare-approved psychologists and clinical psychologists.  Clients can receive rebates for up to 10 sessions (subject to GP referral). I am registered with Medicare as a clinical psychologist.  If you obtain a referral from a GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician to see me under the Better Access Scheme, you will be able to receive a rebate from Medicare of $131.65 per appointment for up to the annual limit. This means your "out of pocket" expense for a 50-55 minute appointment is $118.35. Your rebate can be processed on the spot in my rooms. (If you have already reached the Safety Net thresholds for the calendar year, your rebate will be significantly more.) 

You may be able to receive reimbursement from your private health fund if you do not wish to utilise Medicare benefits. Please check with your health fund for eligibility.   Please note that you cannot concurrently use both Medicare and private health fund benefits.   When using these benefits, I will also need to coordinate care with your GP and provide some information about your attendance and care plan to your GP, health fund and/or Medicare.

I practise according to the Charter for Clients of Psychologists, set out by the Australian Psychological Society:
  • You will be treated with respect, including of your cultural background and language tradition
  • You will receive a clear explanation of the service you will receive 
  • Your consent for any service will be sought prior to the service commencing and as it progresses 
  • You will receive competent and professional service 
  • You will receive a clear statement about fees 
  • You will be clear about the outcome that you and Michelle are working toward 
  • You will receive an estimate of the number of sessions required to achieve the outcome 
  • You will receive a service free of sexual harassment